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Warriors Mindset

Virtuous women love a Beast – they just want that beast to be Disciplined.

A strong Man is a Warrior for his Queen and his heirs. His Loyalty is unwavering and his Commitment unquestionable.  

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A Queen and Her Warrior

Loving Vulnerably and Being Loved Nakedly – As Man and Woman

HIGHLY Recommended links and must Reads.

Queens Code: Queens Code (How to successfully communicate with Men) MUST READ BOOK!

Sterling Institute: (How Men and Women can understand their masculine and feminine roles in the Relationship (the Third Entity)  

Landmark Forum:  To get Complete about what you are incomplete with AND it is getting in the way of what you WANT      

Robert Scott Bell and Doc Harmony:  A Tease of what to learn and how to be as a Woman with a Warrior. 

How Men can invest in themselves to attract a High Valued Woman:
Why Women Deserve Less  (Ladies, read this book to understand what men want you to bring to the relationship) 

Standing Guard for our Families, our Communities and our Nations

Episode 89

August 16 and 17

Harmony and Kevin Boulton 

Join them as they share the success of Queens Code in their relationship and the Sterling Code.